(INFO) EXO-M’s schedule will continue as their ‘Overdose’ comeback stage will take place on April 19 in China. SM staff have urged fans not to attend EXO-M’s departure at the airport out of respect for the victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy.


Furthermore, FY-YIXING won’t be posting and/or sharing any previews that might be taken at the airports. Please, understand and take this into consideration. 

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Okay everyone needs to hear this.

It is safe to assume that nearly every piece of fucking information that is seen on the news regarding the rescue mission that is taking place is fake.

When it was reported that people where pumping oxygen into the ferry, they were in process of fucking setting…

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Another ship sunk today (18/4) in Flores, Indonesia with 100 crews in it. Earthquake in Mexico, the Sewol ferry tragedy in South Korea, the erruption of Sinabung in Indonesia, the missing plane MH370, the riots happened in several countries. Instead of #PrayForSouthKorea, #PrayForIndonesia or #PrayForMexico, we probably should #PrayForTheWorld instead. These whole things were so heartbreaking :(

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(12:37PM) Update: The ferry is now fully submerged.(Unsure how deep the ferry has sunk.)
Current toll: 475 on board, 179 rescued, 27 dead, 269 missing.
(12:50PM) Update: Death toll is now 28. 268 missing.
(1:10PM) Update: Many are saying unethical reporting is happening where reporters are targeting children or going too far pushing the issue.-Please stop, it is the time to inform, not inflict more harm upon others.(2:49PM) Update: Prosecutors could get arrest warrant for captain as early as today. New info says he gave wheel to 3rd mate during time of incident.
Names of missing Sewol passengers will not be revealed to respect family members.
8-year-old Kim Kiwoong and Cheong Hyunsun, who are victims of Sewol incident, were a couple to soon marry. They promised to marry this fall. They were the crew members of Sewol. -Absolutely heartbreaking. Please Rest In Peace, both of you.(Kim Kiwoong funeral parlor.)
Parents/families are highly fed up with the situation and journalists. They just want peace of mind and results.
(3:51PM) Update: Combined Investigation unit to claim arrest warrant on Sewol ferry captain within a day. 
More than 150 ships are now on the scene for rescue. Operation progress is not going better than expected. 268 still missing.
Yonhap - “As of 3:38pm KST, divers are trying to enter the cargo area which is located on the 2nd floor of Sewol.”
54 hours into the Sewol incident: 28 dead, 179 rescued, 268 still missing. Water temp is 13ºC.(4:05PM) Update: Coast Guard said they are working on the door and efforts are underway.
(4:40PM) Update: YTN: 10 out of 28 bodies are still unidentified.-Hoping one is not my lovely angel…
S. Korea Coast Guard: “Still no bodies found within the ferry.”
A post-it message at Danwon High-school saying “Please Come Back” (via @Medrowdia):
(5:20PM) [!!] [BREAKING] [!!] UPDATES : Tragic news. Vice Principal of Danwon High School found dead. He was found to have committed suicide. Sources say that the Vice Principal of Danwon High School escaped earlier from Sewol ferry than students.The body of Vice Principal of Danwon High School was found near Jindo Gymnasium. He was 52 years old.Vice Principal of Danwon HS ranked top on Naver’s trending search: 

Danwon HS homepage no longer accessible as of this time.
Officials at Jindo gymnasium just asked parents to come and take a DNA test. It seems they are, indeed, preparing for the worst.Parents asked in shouting voices why that was needed. The official soon after left the stage.The official once again came on stage saying that, only those desiring to, can take the test.(6:20PM): YTN Anchor who is located 50m away from the rescue scene stated, “Divers are doing the rescue operation and having many difficulties”.A DSME Crane is positioned at the Sewol rescue scene. The rescue operation is on-going:
-Things are looking so very grave, everyone. Though I am beyond fearful of future news, I will continue to update until the end.
Write #PrayForSouthKorea and share a message in your own words.
(#PrayForSouthKorea //// Wish all passengers of Sewol come back soon. Credit 조재환)
[!!] LOCAL [!!] : You can mail all donations to the following address:
전라남도 진도군 진도읍 철마길 25,진도군청 주민복지과(Credit to 조재환 for the pictures that do belong to him.)





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VIXX TV moments 85/N

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kibum’s eye roll habit 

kibum’s eye roll habit 

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Tao liking the harteu from Chanyeol.
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2/gazillion pale exo edits©

2/gazillion pale exo edits

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